Great Yarmouth

Jodie Goodacre
Mind Map by , created over 6 years ago

A-Levels Geography (Crowded Coasts) Mind Map on Great Yarmouth, created by Jodie Goodacre on 05/01/2013.

Jodie Goodacre
Created by Jodie Goodacre over 6 years ago
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Great Yarmouth
1 15 miles of wide, golden, sandy beaches from north to south
2 Seaside amusements
3 Bouncy castles
4 Rugged cliffs
5 Parks
6 Gardens
7 Theme parks
8 Two piers
9 Scroby sand wind farm
10 Locals believe area has improved
11 Tourism
11.1 Job creation
11.2 Money into the area
11.3 Upgraded facilities
11.4 Increased business
11.5 Increased congestion
11.6 Lack of parking
11.7 Crowded
11.8 Work is seasonal
11.8.1 Businesses struggle in the winter
12 Independent buildings
13 Unique town
14 Seaside shops
15 Souvenir shops
16 Cafés
17 Clothes shops
18 Clubs
19 Church
20 Beach didn't have relavent information
21 Much litter
22 Untidy
23 Lack of rubbish bins
24 The management was effective and would be able to hold the line
25 There was a reasonable flood defence in place (mini sea wall)
26 There is a high aesthetic value
27 Good access to the beach
28 No obvious safety risk
29 Low level of disturbance
30 Maintains natural coastal processes and habitats

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