Physics - Energy

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Physics - Energy
1 Energy Types
1.1 Elastic Potential
1.2 Nuclear
1.2.1 Nuclear Fission
1.2.2 Nuclear Fusion
1.3 Thermal
1.4 Kinetic
1.5 Chemical Potential
1.6 Gravitational Potential
2 Law of Conservation of Energy
2.1 Energy cannot be created or destroyed
2.2 Energy can only be transferred or dissipated
2.2.1 If an object is thrown or swung, it will not return to the original position as the starting energy will be transferred and will not have enough energy to return to the original position, e.g.: A bungee jumper will start with Gravitational Potential Energy but as they jump, the energy will be transferred into kinetic energy, and will therefore not return to the original position.
3 Equations
3.1 W = F x d
3.1.1 Work done = Force x distance
3.2 Gravitational Potential
3.2.1 Ep = m x g x h Elastic Potential = mass x gravitational field strength x height
3.2.2 Ep = w x h Elastic Potential = weight x height
3.3 Ek = 1/2 x m x (v x v)
3.3.1 Kinetic Energy = 1/2 x mass x (velocity x velocity)
4 Energy Efficiency
4.1 Ee = useful / total
4.2 Asked for in %
4.3 Cannot be more than 100%
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