Dutch Constitutionalism

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Mind map of the Dutch Constitutionalism

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Dutch Constitutionalism
1 Religion
1.1 All European people practiced religious toleration- accepted all faiths
1.2 Urbanity in Dutch society allowed for religious freedom
1.3 As long as business people practiced religion in private, government did not interfear with them
1.4 Toleration attracted foreign capital and investments
1.5 People of all races and religions traded in Amsterdam
2 Government
2.1 The Dutch were republican
2.2 Controlled by wealthy merchants and financiers
2.3 A strong confederation- a weak union of strong provinces
2.4 Withstood French and English attacks in the scound half of the 17th century
3 Commerce and Trade
3.1 A group of regents in Holland formed the Dutch East India trading company, a joint stock company
3.1.1 Traded with Latin America and Africa the most
3.2 The Dutch established trading post in the Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, and Malacca
3.3 Food prices fluctuated very little, wages were high, and everyone ate well
3.4 Got involved with imperialist exploitation of East Asia and Latin America
3.5 The peace signed in 1713 to end the war started Dutch economic decline
4 Industry
4.1 Fishing industry was the cornerstone of the Dutch economy
4.2 Profits from herring went towards shipbuilding
4.3 Dutch had estimated 16,000 merchant ships- half of the ships in Europe
4.4 Controlled the Baltic grain trade
4.5 Dutch wealth depended more on transport than on exports
5 Province
5.1 Wealthy merchants called regents handled domestic affairs in the local estate
5.2 Provinical estates held virtually all the power
5.3 All issues had to be referred back to the Local Estates for approval
5.4 States General appointed represantives, stadholders, in each province
5.4.1 The highest executive stadholder carried out ceremonial functions and was responsible for defense and good order
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