In Paris with you

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In Paris with you
1 speaker in poem is upset about love
1.1 breakdown of relationship
1.1.1 sees himself as a victim
1.2 gone to Paris with someone else
1.2.1 still unhappy and discontented rather stay in hotel room than see city
2 Form
2.1 made up of one main repeating stanza pattern
2.1.1 third stanza stands out
2.2 forcing rhyme-shows he's nervous
2.3 songlike, lots of repetition including main refrain and internal refrains
2.3.1 emphasise the rhythm
3 Structure
3.1 1st stanza- about narrator
3.2 focus then turns to Paris
3.3 3rd stanza-signals his intent, structured differently
3.3.1 draws attention, feelings are changing
3.4 penultimate verse turns attention to surroundings & final verse onto his companion
3.5 ends with more assertive than self-pitying tone
4 Language about Paris
4.1 Paris-city of love
4.2 'Im in Paris with you'
4.2.1 direct address to lover
4.2.2 feels uncomfortable about saying 'love' (last stanza)
4.3 names most important landmarks but suggest they don't visit them
4.4 'if we do not go to the Louvre'
4.4.1 'not'-asking, controlling
4.5 'sodding Notre Dame'
4.5.1 not interested in romantic parts to do with Paris emphasis not a love poem may be because being together is far more important than romantic locations
4.6 'hotel walls are peeling'
4.6.1 language of decay symbolises his broken& negative mood& nature of their relationship
5 Humorous language
5.1 nearly every stanza contains either contrived or unexpected rhym
5.2 'talking wounded'
5.2.1 pun-suggests mix of self pity and self awareness
5.2.2 vunerable
5.3 'I'm a hostage'
5.3.1 war imagery-feels trapped can't stop himself feeling like this, pain is inescapable
5.4 'I'm maroonded'
5.4.1 dramatic/overtop
5.4.2 sound comic- ironic
5.5 'where are we bound'
5.5.1 responding to companions question or asking question
5.5.2 'bound'-doesn'y care about relationship + where it goes
5.6 'sleazy'-comic forced rhyme
5.7 'crack across the ceiling'
5.7.1 may suggest lying on back
5.8 'all points south'- quite humorous also makes clear what he is after
5.8.1 has feelings for her now
5.9 'am I embarrassing you'-could be teasing or sympathetic
5.9.1 could be talking to lover or reader
6 'don't talk to me of love'
6.1 command/imperative
6.1.1 anti-love poem
6.2 short sentence
6.2.1 aggressive
7 'downed drink or two'-suggests he's drunk, drowning sorrow
8 'doing this and that to what and whom'
8.1 read as quite carless of the other person
8.1.1 or read as euphemistic
8.2 comes across as uncaring, insensitive
9 'learning what I am'
9.1 lost some of his illusion about himself
9.1.1 trying to find himself again
10 'slightest thing you do'
10.1 suggest genuine attraction and close attention
11 Feelings and attitudes
11.1 self pity
11.1.1 starts by focusing on own misery
11.2 Lust
11.3 bitternesss
11.3.1 resentful about breakdown of previous relationship
11.4 humour
11.4.1 shown through the puns and unexpected rhyme
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