Stalin's maintenance of power

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IB Diploma Historie SL (Stalin's Maintenance of Power) Mind Map on Stalin's maintenance of power, created by JonesKamel on 03/22/2014.

Created by JonesKamel over 5 years ago
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Stalin's maintenance of power
1 Education
1.1 Before Stalin
1.1.1 Free education introduced
1.1.2 Emphasis on maths and sciences
1.1.3 Removal of the gymnasium
1.1.4 Removed textbooks and examinations
1.2 During Stalin
1.2.1 Strict discipline
1.2.2 Examinations and grades reintroduced
1.2.3 Decline of illiteracy Less so with women however
1.2.4 'The Young Pioneers' Konsomol
2 Collectivisation
2.1 Five Year Plans
2.1.1 Gosplan set up in 1921
2.1.2 Vesenkha
2.1.3 Funded by agricultural exports Collectivisation Kolkhozi (collective farms) Collectivisation of 90% of peasant farms by 1936 Sovkhozi (state farms) 'Dizzy with success', temporary halt Twentyfive-thousand'ers Famine (1932-1933) Ukraine 'Holodomor' Collectivisation allowed industrialisation
2.1.4 First Five Year Plan (1928-1932) Increase production of the means of production Manufactoring plants Electric power stations Production of coal and oil Train experts
2.1.5 Second and Third Five Year Plan Increase production of industrial goods Infrastructure
3 Gender roles
4 Culture
4.1 'Socialist realism'
4.2 Religion
5 Industrialisation
6 Race and ethnicity
7 Terror (1937 -1938)

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