Never Let Me Go

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Never Let Me Go
1 Power/ Authority
1.1 "Told and not told"
1.2 "They"
1.3 "I'm a Hailsham student - which is enough by itself to get people's backs up
1.4 "Donations and all that"
1.5 "The Gallery remained a hazy realm""
2 Friendship
2.1 "The instant I saw her again, at that recovery centre in Dover, all our differences... seemed not nearly as important as all the other things"
2.1.1 "like the fact that we'd grown up together at Hailsham, the fact that we knew and remembered things no one else did."
3 Mortality
4 Settings
4.1 The Boat
4.1.1 "Tommy and I both helped her through"
4.1.2 "Walked together"
4.1.3 "Put my arm around Ruth's shoulders"
4.1.4 "Ruth's walk was much steadier now"
4.1.5 "We chatted much more freely"
4.1.6 "It's really beautiful"
4.1.7 "Beached"
4.1.8 "It had once been painted a sky blue, but now looked almost white"
4.2 Hailsham
4.3 The cottages
5 Passivity
6 Characters
6.1 Ruth
6.1.1 "Because of Ruth we got in there as often as we did"
6.2 Tommy
6.2.1 "A bad temper, but a big heart"
6.3 Kathy
6.4 Miss Emily
6.4.1 "Lucky pawns"
6.4.2 "Reared"
6.4.3 "We're ALL afraid of you"
6.5 Miss Lucy
6.5.1 "Told and not told"
6.6 Madame
6.6.1 "Poor creatures"
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