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Tipos y estructura de "condicionales" en el idioma Inglés

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  1. Son ciertas estructuras del inglés en las cuales, si cierta condición, situación o circunstancias es verdadera, entonces sucede un resultado específico.
    1. Zero Conditional (Type Zero)
      1. Situación siempre verdadera
        1. If you freeze water, it turns into ice
          1. If I work too much, I get tired
            1. If she doesn't know the answer, she keeps silent
              1. If she eats bacon, she gets an allergy
                1. If + present tense, Presente tense
                2. First Conditional (Type I)
                  1. Situación real o posible
                    1. If it rains today, I'll stay at home
                      1. If he is busy now, I will come back tomorrow
                        1. I she doesn't call you, you can call her
                          1. If you feel sick, you must stay in bed
                            1. If + Present tense, will/ can /may/ must + verb
                            2. Second Conditional (Type II)
                              1. Situación hipotética
                                1. If I won the lottery, I would travel around the world
                                  1. If they spoke spanish, we would understand them
                                    1. If we didn't have to work today, we could have a party
                                      1. If they worked for that company, they might have better salaries
                                        1. If + Past Simple, would/ could / might + verb
                                        2. Third Conditional (Type III)
                                          1. Situación hipotética del pasado
                                            1. If I had won the lottery, I would have traveled around the world
                                              1. If I had know the answer, I would have raised my hand
                                                1. If he had worked more, he could have saved more money
                                                  1. If we had studied harder, we might have passed then test
                                                    1. If + Past Perfect tense, would/could/might + have + past participle
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