Introducing Forces

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Introducing forces for KS3 level students

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Introducing Forces
  1. Force diagram
    1. uses labelled arrows
      1. direction of the arrow
        1. shows the direction of the force
        2. length of the arrow
          1. is proportional to the magnitude of the force
      2. Resultant of forces
        1. sum effect of more than one force
          1. forces in the same direction adds
            1. forces in opposite direction substracts
            2. if resultant force is not zero
              1. object will be rotating around an axis
                1. object will be accelerating
              2. Balanced and unbalanced forces
                1. pair of forces equal in magnitude & opposite in direction
                  1. force and its reaction
                    1. When one object exerts a force on another object, then the second object exerts an equal and opposite reaction force on the first.
                    2. equilibrium
                      1. all forces acting on an object are balanced
                        1. an object at equilibrium will be
                          1. moving at constant speed along a straight line
                            1. at rest
                      2. Turning effect of a force
                        1. formula for claculation
                          1. changing moment
                            1. change magnitude of the force
                              1. change distance from the pivot
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