Opinion Phrases

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A Levels Spanish (AS) Mind Map on Opinion Phrases, created by Myrii on 03/23/2014.

Created by Myrii over 5 years ago
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Opinion Phrases
1 Introductory
1.1 primeramente
1.1.1 first of all
1.2 la pregunta que me gustaría abordar es
1.2.1 The question I want to ask / address is
1.3 debemos considerar las ventajas y desventajas
1.3.1 we should consider the pros and cons
2 Concluding
2.1 en conclusión
2.1.1 in conclusion
2.2 para concluir
2.2.1 to sum up / conclude
2.3 habiendo considerado todos los aspectos
2.3.1 having considered everything / all things considered
3 General
3.1 en mi opinión
3.1.1 in my opinion
3.2 desde mi punto de vista / a mi modo de ver
3.2.1 from my point of view
3.3 estimo que / considero que
3.3.1 I think / consider that
3.4 tengo que admitir que
3.4.1 I have to admit that
3.5 en lo que a mí me concierne
3.5.1 as far as I am concerned
3.6 encuentro que
3.6.1 I find that
3.7 me inclino a creer que
3.7.1 I am inclined to believe that
4 Commonly held views
4.1 como se sabe
4.1.1 as one knows / as is known
4.2 como es bien conocido por todos
4.2.1 as is well known by everyone
4.3 considerando que
4.3.1 considering that
4.4 de todos es sabido
4.4.1 it is well-known

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