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This is for people who are getting a little bit nervous of upcoming exams. The main thing to do is relax.

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Revision tips
  1. Last Minute
    1. Be flexible
      1. Talk through what you have learned with a parent, teacher or even peer
        1. Take regular breaks, give your brain time to process all the information you are cramming in last minute!!
          1. Exercise. Funny enough, if you exercise, the blood with carry more oxegen to your brain, therefor helping it function more efficiently.
          2. Planning
            1. Revision charts, highlighters and sticky notes around the room certainly help some learners remember the important things.
              1. Psychologists in the US warn that peoples favourite revision techniques do not always lead to success in exams.
                1. Complete past papers so that you have a gist of what is coming up
                2. RELAX
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