The Battle of Hastings 1066 (mind map)


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The Battle of Hastings 1066 (mind map)
  1. Luck
    1. While on this journey, the summer breeze was picked up by the Norman armada. They quickly dployed the army and they sailed towards England in 1 week.
      1. William also employed mercenaries from Italy, Germany and France
        1. The Saxons had to travel north to defend Northern Villages from Vikings.
          1. William got an approval from the THEN Pope. He got a papal bull and a papal banner.
            1. Because of the Papal banner men joined his 'crusade'.
            2. Harold's army was disorganized.
            3. Strategy (Saxons)
              1. The Saxons used a traditonal strategy of a Shield Wall.
                1. They also were atop of a hill.
                  1. Because of traditons there were no horses in the Saxon army.
                  2. The Two Commanders
                    1. The Normans
                      1. Baron Harold Godwinson


                        1. The Duke William of Normandy


                          1. He introduced the slave system.
                          2. The Saxons
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