Unit 4

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Unit 4
  1. RUSTY (past perfect)
    1. BEFORE
      1. Rusty was a dog that appears one day on the house.
        1. He had some tumors.
        2. AFTER
          1. The dog had medical attention.
            1. The dog was happy to have the attention that he had to have.
          2. VOCABULARY
            1. PAST PERFECT
              1. She had opened a suitcase when she saw herself in the mirror.
                1. She looked at the ceiling when she had stuck her tongue out of her mouth.
                  1. When she played with the toys
                    1. I did not have any money because I had lost my wallet.
                      1. She only understood the movie because she had read the book.
                        1. Kristine had never been to an opera before last night.
                        2. COMPARATIVES
                          1. Biger
                            1. Smaller
                              1. Harder
                                1. Easier
                                2. COMPUTER VOCABULARY
                                  1. Laptop
                                    1. Wireless
                                      1. Plug
                                        1. Cursor
                                          1. CABLE
                                            1. Keyboard
                                              1. Socket
                                                1. Mouse
                                                  1. Screen
                                                    1. Charger
                                                    2. SUPERLATIVES
                                                      1. Tallest
                                                        1. Bigest
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