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  1. divisibility and factors
    1. to find out if a number is divisible by 3 just add all the numbers and then see if that number is divisible by 3
      1. example; 319 you would add 3+1+9=13 319 is not divisible by 3 because 13 cant be divided by 3
        1. 319 is not divisible by 3 because 3+1+9=13 and 13 is not divisible by 3
      2. factors and factorization
        1. factors are the number that a certain number is divisible by.
          1. you could also solve these problems by doing factor trees
          2. The greatest common factor (GCF) is the the biggest number that 2 certain numbers are divisible by
            1. Example: 20 and 10
              1. 20: 1,2,4,5,10,20
                1. 10:: 1,2,5,10
                  1. The GCF is 10
            2. Simplifying radicals
              1. You need to find a pair a numbers that will multily to equal it. Then make sure that at least one of the numbers is a perfect square.
              2. Adding and subtracting radicals
                1. You just add the square roots unless they're not the same. Then you have to go through the process of simplifying.
                  1. 3 square root of 3 - square root of 27
                    1. 3 square root of 3 minus square root of 9 x 3
                      1. 3 square root - three square root of three
                        1. Equals 0
                  2. multiplying radicals
                    1. When multiplying radicals, you must multiply the numbers OUTSIDE the radicals and then multiply the numbers INSIDE the radicals.
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