Game Theory

Craig Hussey
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Craig Hussey
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Mind Map on Game Theory, created by Craig Hussey on 10/14/2016.

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Game Theory
  1. How Games Are Made
    1. Programmers - to develop the application
      1. Musicians - to develop the soundtrack
        1. Artists - to develop the graphics
          1. Hardware Designers - to develop peripherals and controllers to match the gaming and ICT skill level of the users with the demands of the game
          2. Factors To Consider
            1. Game Platform - hardware/software needed to play the game
              1. Target Audience - who the game is aimed at
                1. The Method Of Distribution
                2. Popular Gaming Platforms
                  1. The XBox
                    1. The PlayStation
                      1. The PC
                        1. Handheld Systems Are Also An Option
                        2. Genres
                          1. Action
                            1. RPG
                              1. Puzzle
                                1. Adventure
                                2. Gameplay
                                  1. Rules
                                    1. Pathways
                                      1. Script
                                        1. Interaction and Feedback
                                        2. Child vs Adult
                                          1. ADULT
                                            1. Consistent Colours
                                              1. Simple Animation
                                                1. Comprehensive Intructions
                                                  1. Average Font Size
                                                    1. Challenging Content
                                                    2. CHILD
                                                      1. Bright Vibrant Colours
                                                        1. Larger Fonts
                                                          1. Simple Language
                                                            1. Simple Interactions
                                                              1. Increased Interactions/Sounds
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