Restricting time at pasture and concentrate suplementation in dairy cows

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Restricting time at pasture and concentrate suplementation in dairy cows
  1. Problem
    1. Restricting time at pasture
      1. Foraging behaviour and herbage dry matter intake (HDMI).
        1. Increases hunger level due the grhelin hormone
        2. Energy suplementation
          1. Negative effects in HDMI and DMI Satiating (reduces motivation to grazing)
            1. Strategically: substitute herbage and enhance total energy intake
          2. Hypothesis
            1. H0: Restricted time modifies grazing behavior, but not intake or milk production/composition
            2. Objective
              1. Evaluate the effect of restricted time at pasture (R) vs. concentrate supplementation levels (S)
              2. Materials and methods
                1. Pastures: Lolium perenne (70%)
                  1. 36 Holstein - mid lactation Restricted = R0, R4, R8.5 Suplemented = S3, S6
                    1. Measurements
                      1. Pasture and supplement
                        1. Herbage and supplement intake
                          1. Sward and density Nutritive value: DM, N and NDF
                          2. Milk yield and composition, live weight and body condition score
                            1. Grazing Behavior
                          3. Effect ofrestrictingtimeatpastureandconcentrate supplementationonherbageintake,grazingbehaviour and performanceoflactatingdairycows Pablo Miguel Soca et. al. 2014 Universidad de la Republica (Uruguai) Livestock Science (1.293 -2015)
                            1. Main results/ Highlights
                              1. Restriction
                                1. Behavior: - Rumination - Idling + Duration of initial bout
                                  1. + Digestibility
                                    1. Milk composition: - Fat + Protein - FCM
                                    2. Interaction RxS
                                      1. Grazing time (min/day and %)
                                        1. Increase in S at R4 and R8.5 reduce Bite Rate
                                        2. Suplementation
                                          1. - Intake
                                            1. - Digestibility
                                              1. + Milk production
                                                1. - BCS change
                                                2. Forage intake was not affected by the restricting time which confirms the hypothesis in the present experiment.
                                                3. Implications/ Conclusions
                                                  1. Grazing sessions early and late in the day: higher intake and nutritive value
                                                    1. Modulation of grazing behaviour in response to restricting time at pasture maintained herbage dry matter intake
                                                      1. Restricted time did not affect intake or performance: strategy to improve pasture and reduce selectivity
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