Medicine free, easy and accessible

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Medicine free, easy and accessible
1 The welfare of the mind, body and even the soul are so connected
1.1 A healthy body reflects a healthy mind
1.2 We must find the balance of physical activity, nutrition and mental health to keep ourselves in good condition.
1.3 Importance of physical activity
1.3.1 If we have a trained body, with proper weight, strong bones and developed muscles, we are better able to prevent disease cardiovascular, diabetes, cholesterol
2 Nutrition
2.1 Health and welfare can be achieved through proper nutrition
2.2 Poor health can be caused by an imbalance of nutrients either excess or deficiency.
3 Foods that enhance health and wellness
3.1 Avocado
3.2 Almonds
3.3 Banana
4 Herbs and their amazing health benefits
4.1 They have the special ability to relieve pain, soothe stomach aches, improve vision as well as strengthen our overall immunity to disease and infection.
5 There are many foods that help improve blood circulation and therefore reduce bad symptoms
5.1 Cereals
5.2 Walnuts
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