ESL Approaches and Methods

Caitlin Hollis
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Caitlin Hollis
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A mind map of what ESL Approaches and Methods means to me.

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ESL Approaches and Methods
1 Grammar Based
1.1 teacher-centered emphasis on rules and structure of the target language
1.1.1 Sentence Structure
1.1.2 Writing Format
1.1.3 memorization
1.1.4 Not very meaningful
1.2 Stronger focus on reading, writing, and grammar. Less on language development.
1.3 Minimal Use of L1
1.4 Grammar Translated
1.4.1 Direct Audolingual
2 Cognitive
2.1 This is extensive, explicit instruction in applying learning strategies to facilitate the student's cognitive development.
2.1.1 Should have differentiation Model, Model, Model the expectations! Anchor Charts Graphic Organizers Small Groups
2.1.2 Higher Thinking Skills
2.2 Strategy instruction with content-area instruction
2.2.1 The CALLA Method Preparation Content, language and learning strategy objectives Presentation teacher presents information and has visual or material support Practice students collaborate and use hands-on material to apply new knowledge Evaluation student reflect on their own learning creates ownership Expansion students integrate the new concepts into their existing knowledge base
3 Communicative
3.1 Learning Language through and for communication
3.2 Comprehensible Input
3.3 Constructivism
3.3.1 structures of understanding
3.3.2 ZPD
3.4 Communication as the purpose of learning
3.5 student centered
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