Past Simple

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Past Simple
1 The past simple expresses an action in the past. Usually use the past simple to:
1.1 Talk about place once, never or serveral times.
1.2 Talk about place one after the other.
1.3 Talk about place in the middle of another action
2 Form of past simple
2.1 Positive: I spoke.
2.2 Negative: I did not spoke.
2.3 Question: Did I speak?
3 when the verb is irregular no add an "ed" in the ending of a word but when the verb is regular yes.
3.1 Exceptions in Spelling when Adding ‘ed’
3.1.1 when the word end in "e" only add "d". EX: love – loved
3.1.2 when the word end in consonant. EX: admit – admitted
3.1.3 when the whed end in "y" become in "ied". EX: hurry – hurried
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