Methods and Learning Strategies

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Methods and Learning Strategies
1.1 Is a method that has a significant focus on understanding and applying metacognitve, cognitve, and social/affective strategies.
2 Cognitive Strategies
2.1 According to Herrera and Murry (2011) students that possess cognitive strategies can classify and link new information to their prior knowledge and background schema. p. 331
2.1.1 Teachers can apply this strategy by incorporating activities that allow CLD students to activate their prior knowledge, predict and make inferences will enhance their cognitive skills. It is during this strategy were CLD students are able to use context to construct meaning from what they are learning. The cognitive strategy connects to the metacognitive strategy because they both have place an emphasis on building and activating background knowledge.
3 Metacognitive Strategies
3.1 Metacognitve strategies promote self-monitoring and self assessing.
3.1.1 Graphic organizers are a beneficial way to provide hands on experiences while also promoting higher order thinking It is during this strategy students are able to display their knowledge and reflect on what they have learned The metacognitve strategy is deeply connected to the social/affective strategy because of their use of positive self- monitoring and self-assessment.
4 Social/Affective Strategies
4.1 According to Herrera and Murry (2011) "Social/affective strategies involve the use of socially mediated learning and lowering one's own affective filter" p. 327
4.1.1 Social/Affective strategies include activities that are student-centered and allow students to work collaboratively. Teachers can apply this strategy by designing lessons that integrate group work that enhances CLD students problem solving skills. These activities also incorporate speaking and listening skills. The social/affective strategies are connected to the metacognitive strategies through use of fostering deeper level understanding.
5 References
5.1 Herrera, S.G. & Murry, K.G. (2011). Mastering ESL/EFL methods: Differentiated instruction for culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students. (2nd ed.).
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