The American Political System

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The American Political System

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The American Political System
  1. The American Constitution
    1. 1776: Declaration of Independence
      1. separates the executive, the legislature and the judiciary powers
        1. Constitution cannot be changed - just adding amendments
          1. 1787: 39 delegates from the original 13 colonies signed the new Constitution
            1. 1791: the Bill of RIghts was added (guaranteed the main civil liberties in the US)
              1. 10 amendments
                1. freedom of speech, press and assembly
                  1. freedom and security of citizens
                    1. rights of equal justice
                      1. freedom of religion and petition
            2. the American government
              1. a system of "checks and balances" = the different parts of the government have powers that affect and control the other parts so that no part can become too powerful
              2. the President
                1. executive power
                  1. head of state and head of government
                    1. Election
                      1. every 4 years
                        1. Election Day: Tuesday after the first Monday in November
                          1. Super Tuesday: the date in the U.S. presidential primary process when the greatest number of states hold their contests. In 2016, March 1 was Super Tuesday, with both Democrats and Republicans holding primaries in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia, and caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota.
                            1. primary = residents cast their ballots; caucus = a local gathering where voters openly decide which candidate to support.
                          2. the Political Parties
                            1. the Democratic Party
                              1. the Donkey
                              2. the Republican Party
                                1. the Elephant
                                2. majority vote
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