The twilight years

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The twilight years
  1. Demographics
    1. Nutritional Requirements
      1. Calcium, Vit D supplements
        1. no saturated fats or trans fats
          1. protein and omega 3 fats
            1. less salt and sugar in diet
              1. limit intake of processed and canned food
      2. Functional Screening Test
        1. assessment designed to evaluate an older person's functional ability, physical health, cognition and mental health, and socioenvironmental circumstances
        2. Aging
          1. Challenges
            1. Psychological
              1. Stress, Depression, Anxiety Insomnia, Suicide, Loneliness
              2. Financial
                1. too little: Rent, Car, Electricity, Hospital, Medication expenses
                  1. Too much money : become victims for abuse or fraud
                  2. Common health problems
                    1. Cognitive Conditions:  Alzheimer Disease & Dementia
                      1. Joints and Bones:  Arthritis Osteoporosis Rheumatoid Arthritis
                        1. Neurological Diseases:  Parkinson Disease Stroke
                          1. Myocardial Infarction (MI)
                            1. MI management
                              1. change of lifestyle
                                1. cardiac rehabilitation
                                2. anticoagulants / statins
                              2. Obesity
                                1. body mass index more then 30
                                  1. Waist circumference
                                    1. Bioelectrical impedance analysis
                                      1. densitometry
                                      2. polypharmacy
                                        1. adverse drug effects
                                          1. compliance issues
                                        2. Can be overcomed by:
                                          1. Elderly services
                                            1. Social
                                              1. self care
                                                1. recreational
                                                  1. rehabilitation
                                                    1. coordination
                                            2. physiological
                                              1. Male reproductive system: Testosterone levels drop The size of the testes decreases. Decline in rate of sperm production Enlargement of prostate Erectile dysfunction
                                                1. The immune system becomes slower to respond (there are fewer immune cells → immune system`s ability to detect and correct cell defects ↓
                                              2. Theories
                                                1. Programmed
                                                  1. Aging has a biological timetable or internal biological clock
                                                  2. Error
                                                    1. Aging is a result of internal or external assaults that damage cells or organs so they can no longer function properly
                                                      1. free radical
                                                        1. molecules carry unpaired electron e.g O3, H2O2, OH
                                                    2. the process of growing older
                                                      1. Primary
                                                        1. secondary
                                                        2. Metabolism in the fed and fasting state
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