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Magazine Institutions


Mind Map on Magazine Institutions, created by jelanisblog on 03/25/2014.
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Magazine Institutions
  1. IPC
    1. General Information
      1. Produces over 85 iconic media brands
        1. Creates content for print, online, mobile, tablets and events
          1. Reaches over 26 million UK adults and over 20 million online every month
            1. Committed to working in partnership with its consumers, advertisers, business partners and employees to deliver exceptional value, service, innovation and creativity
            2. Audience
              1. Covers a range of genres such as women's lifestyle, sports, home & garden and music
                1. Predominately appeals to women with 'Woman's Weekly', 'Woman's Own' & 'Woman & Home'
                  1. Targets middle classed audience who have a lot of free time to invest in luxury lifestyles
                    1. Targets male audience with sports magazines such as 'Golf Monthly', 'World Soccer' & 'Yachting World'
                    2. Examples
                      1. NME
                        1. Super Yacht
                          1. Marie Claire
                            1. Ideal Home
                          2. Bauer
                            1. General Information
                              1. Headquarters are in Germany & offers over 300 magazines in 15 countries across the world
                                1. Founded in 1875
                                  1. Worldwide Circulation: 38m per week
                                    1. Publishes magazines from a wide range of genres including film, women's lifestyle, music & sport
                                      1. Has two subsidiary companies, Bauer TV & Bauer Radio
                                        1. Europe's largest privately owned publishing group
                                          1. Widely recognised as being industry innovators for both magazine and radio
                                          2. Audience
                                            1. Largely covers celebrity news, fashion, lifestyle and health
                                              1. Has no specific target audience
                                                1. Also produces market-leading men's lifestyle magazines, with a 33% share of the sector
                                                  1. Most titles are available online
                                                    1. Successful among sports fanatics as well as motorcycling and fishing enthusiasts
                                                      1. Produces market-leading music and entertainment titles
                                                        1. Popular among young readers, with its market-leading movie magazine
                                                        2. Examples
                                                          1. Kerrang!
                                                            1. Q
                                                              1. MOJO
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