5 Areas of Reading

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The five areas of reading

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5 Areas of Reading
1 Comprehension
1.1 Summarizing
1.2 Inferencing
1.3 Sequencing


  • Click the link below to watch a VIDEO of students demonstrating Sequencing. https://youtu.be/ZEWitdYB6_Y
1.4 Comparing and Contrasting
1.5 Drawing conclusions
2 Phonics
2.1 Connection between sounds and letter symbols.
2.1.1 Synthetic Phonics
2.1.2 Analytic Phonics
2.1.3 Phonics Through Spelling
3 Fluency


  • Click the link below to watch a VIDEO explaining the importance of reading fluency. https://youtu.be/ogi7ANK49wk
3.1 Ability to read with speed, accuracy and expression
3.1.1 Directly tied to comprehension
4 Phonemic Awareness


  • Click the link below to watch a VIDEO on the Alphabetic Principle http://www.readingrockets.org/reading-topics/phonics-and-decoding
4.1 Understanding that words are created from phonemes
4.1.1 Comes before phonics instruction
5 Vocabulary


  • Graphic Organizer for vocabulary exercises http://freeology.com/wp-content/files/vocabularycluster.pdf
5.1 Explicit instruction
5.2 Context Clues
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