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AQA IGCSE Physics (EOY exams yr 8) Mind Map on Eclipses, created by Emma Boxley on 05/02/2013.

Emma Boxley
Created by Emma Boxley over 6 years ago
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1 Lunar Eclipses
1.1 Lunar Eclipses are when the earth casts a shadow on the moon
1.2 A lunar eclipse can last up to an hour and a half
1.3 During a lunar eclipse the moon may turn a reddish color.
1.4 It is not dangerous to look at a lunar eclipse because the moon does not make its own light.
2 Solar Eclipses
2.1 Solar eclipses are when the moon casts a shadow on the earth and blocks out the sunlight
2.2 The last solar eclipse over the UK was on 11th August 1999.
2.3 They are rare
2.4 During a total eclipse all you can see of the sun is a ring of light around the moon.
2.5 It is dangerous to look at a solar eclipse directly
2.5.1 Even if you have sun glasses or smoked glass
2.5.2 It is better to view solar eclipses through a pin hole
3 They can last anything from seconds to hours

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