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EDUCATION mind map

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1 People can enrole in
1.1 E-learning/Distance learning
1.1.1 Flexible way of studying
1.1.2 Fall behind with your studies
1.1.3 Lifelong education Mature student
1.1.4 Train with intensive courses and have a Diploma or a Certificate
1.1.5 Meet deadlines
1.2 Blended-learning
1.3 Face-to-face/On-campus learning
1.3.1 Attend classes
1.3.2 Keep up with your studies
1.3.3 Scheduled lessons
1.3.4 Play truant
1.3.5 Be expelled from school
1.3.6 Cheat in a exam
2 Places/WHERE?
2.1 State <> private school
2.2 Selective <> Comprehesive school
2.3 Boarding school
2.4 Single-sex school
2.5 University
2.5.1 Faculty
2.6 Secondary school
2.7 Elementary school
2.8 Kindergarten
3 Types/HOW?
4 Peple/WHO? and Activities/WHY?
4.1 Students
4.1.1 Attend Lectures Seminars of a particular topic Tutotrials or one-to-one classes
4.1.2 Write Thesis PhD Dissertation at the end of a master Assignment or university homework
4.1.3 Learn by heart
4.1.4 Take notes when they atre listening
4.1.5 Do some revision for an exam
4.1.6 Concentrate IN a lecture ON a subject
4.1.7 Sit in an exam
4.1.8 Read/Study subjects
4.1.9 Would like to Be excel at Numeracy-Literacy come top of their class pass an exam with flying colours
4.1.10 Graduate FROM an university IN Economics
4.1.11 Should not Drop out of university
4.1.12 Are Freshers During their first year
4.2 Teachers
4.2.1 Deliver a lecture
4.2.2 Lecture in Economics studies
4.2.3 Revise assignments
4.2.4 Grade tests
4.2.5 Give feedback
4.2.6 Should be Lenient
4.3 Researches
4.3.1 Research into Chemicals
4.4 Lecturers
4.4.1 Lecture in a university
4.5 Technicians
4.5.1 Do lab work
5 Finance/How?
5.1 Pay the tuition fees
5.2 Win a scholarship
5.2.1 for your qualifications
5.3 Be given a grant
5.3.1 by the goverment
5.4 Pay a student loan
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