The land between two rivers

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The land between two rivers
  1. What is a civilization?
    1. A civilization is a complex society.
    2. What did every single civilization have?
      1. Cities, organized govermnet, art religion, class division, and writting system.
      2. What were the four main river systems?
        1. Tigris-Euphrates, Nile, Indus, and Huuang Rivers
        2. One of the first civilizations formed between which rivers?
          1. The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
          2. The land between two rivers was called what?
            1. Mespotamia
              1. OR, the land between
                1. two rivers
            2. Mespotamia was called what?
              1. Fertile Crescent
                1. Fertile
                  1. risch soil
                  2. Crescent
                    1. half moon
                2. Many ____ branched off major river systems to create a larger area of fertile land.
                  1. tributaries
                  2. The Tigris and Euphrates flooded during the spring. As the floodwaters drained, they deposited what?
                    1. Silt
                    2. What is silt?
                      1. soil and tiny rocks deposited on land by floodwaters.
                      2. The floods of the Tigris and Euphrates were what?
                        1. unpredictable
                        2. People of _____ Mespotamia often had to deal with droughts.
                          1. Southern
                          2. In time people realized that _____could solve the problem of bringing water to crops.
                            1. irrigation
                            2. This allowed people to to grow_______ or more than enough food so that people created more complex cultures.
                              1. surplus
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