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1 compares phone call& texts in a relationship to gun fight in a western
2 narrator seems to get worst of these encounters & left hurt and wounded
3 Form
3.1 loosely structured
3.1.1 adds to tension as we don't know what to expect
3.2 use of enjambment , assonance, alliteration and internal rhymes at irregular intervals makes poem seem tense & unpredictable
3.3 'You've wounded me.' 'through the heart'
3.3.1 split lines suggest how hurt she is by lover's words
4 Structure
4.1 unpredictable
4.2 lots of punctuation
4.2.1 mirrors heat of argument
4.2.2 Random punctuation- emotions coming through
4.3 poem describes how lover makes contact series of times and narrators actions
4.4 we experience events in same order as narrator adding to tension
4.5 conceit(extended metaphor)
4.5.1 argument is like shoot out phone vs guns
5 Language about communication
5.1 'landline phones like guns'
5.1.1 language is to do with phones modern and different poem
5.1.2 simile using phones to fight/argue with each other
5.2 'quickdraw'
5.2.1 suggests how rapidly she answers phone
5.3 'tone. I twirl the phone'
5.3.1 internal rhyme adds emphasis to fractured rhythm of poem
5.4 'and this...and this..'
5.4.1 repetition makes seem that the text kisses are like bullets from gun
6 Language from westerns
6.1 clichéd imagery
6.1.1 old fashion imagery contrasts with ref to mobile phones
6.2 'old Last chance saloon'
6.2.1 classic western image
6.2.2 last chance to save relationship
6.2.3 relationship is close to end
6.3 'I reel'
6.3.1 like she's been shot & links events with films
6.4 'silver bullets'
6.4.1 only thing that calm her down are the kisses
6.4.2 suggests they're precious and valuable
6.5 'pellet'
6.5.1 saying nasty things to them
7 'I'm all alone'
7.1 enjambement
7.1.1 emphasis to word by leaving it on the line away from sentence
8 'wide of the mark'
8.1 words haven't impacted
9 'blast me'
9.1 being aggressive and sharp
9.2 obliterates them
10 opposite language=opposition of relationship
10.1 juxtaposition
11 Feelings and Attitudes
11.1 Hurt
11.1.1 Western imagery makes pain of being in relationship seem quite physical knocking her down in final stanza
11.2 Expectation
11.2.1 despite pain relationship is causing her, the narrator seems desperate to get messages answers phone quickly in first stanza & fumbling for it in last
11.3 tension
11.3.1 on edge throughout poem
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