Suffering in Frankenstein

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Suffering in Frankenstein
1 Victor: - FOR - he is psychologically suffering in a state of nightmare and depression as he lives in the horror of what he has done "a state of insurrection and turmoil" he also loses his family and friends due the the monster's actions as he is enslaved by guilt and fear "I was a slave, not the master".- AGAINST- victor created the monster then abandons it as well as make it suffer by killing his mate, his irresponsible actions causes the creatures revenge
2 Women: the women suffer, though they are most innocent, through their isolation as they have no education or independence and cannot finanically support themselves so are entrapped by men "surrounded", "posession" and "veiled her grief" - Elizabeth is oppressed, abandoned and objectified yet she still fulfills her "duties" sometimes "entirely forgetful of herself" highlighting how selfless she is as opposed to Victor who is very selfish - Victor abandons those he's meant to love e.g. monster and Elizabeth. the women suffer as a result of inequality and injustice - however if the women felt so oppressed why didn't try to oppose it? Shelley has shown it to be possible in the idea of Safie yet with the other women we see no effort being made to change the situation they're in even when Justine is wrongly executed, E just goes back to the life in which she is comfortable and sheltered as is Mrs Saville with her children and husband.
2.1 Clerval dies because of Victor's actions however it's suggested Clerval had masculine ambition yet feminine affection - reasoning why he died? was the monster prejudice against women? because he can't have a mate? or is it Victor's subconscious hate for women being relayed in the monsters actions? as the teller has Victor belittled the women's suffering to make you think the women didn't suffer massively/didn't fight against patriarchy to protect his masculinity? - women are suffering in silence as they have no true voice in the book.
3 Monster: - abandoned, nameless, unloved - as Victor abandoned his creation he left it uneducated and without guidance meaning the creature was alone, lost and confused "I was a poor, helpless, miserable wretch" however the Monster learned of good and evil when listening to Felix's books so is he responsible for his actions? "his crimes increased his own misery and alienation" - links to KING LEAR "unaccommodated man". Regardless, Victor seems to be the main reasoning in the monster's actions as he abandoned him firstly and them killed his mate provoking the monster's revenge. The psychological suffering the monster experienced gives reason to why he acts the why he did - "I should have wept to die" - normally in birth of a child crying indicates life therefore happiness in contrast weeping to die shows the painful emotions the monster was exposed on his first day of life.
3.1 The monster was a secret from society - secrets in the novel cause physical, societal and psychological suffering e.g. William's death, Justine's consequential death, the Clerval etc -

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