Asking Questions

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Asking Questions
1 Question Words
1.1 Où?
1.1.1 Where?
1.2 Quand?
1.2.1 When?
1.3 A quelle heure?
1.3.1 When?
1.4 Comment?
1.4.1 How?
1.5 Combien?
1.5.1 How many?
1.5.2 How much?
1.6 Combien de temps?
1.6.1 How long?
1.7 Pourquoi?
1.7.1 Why?
2 Spoken/Informal
2.1 The most common method of asking questions in informal french is to use a statement either with rising intonation or with a question word added.
2.2 Eg. "Tu vas trouver un emploi à Brighton?"
2.2.1 "Are you going to get a job in Brighton?"
2.3 Eg. L'avion part à quelle heure?
2.3.1 "What time does the plane leave?"
2.4 This form of question can only be used in spoken French, or in informal written French, such as a letter to a close friend.
3 Formal
3.1 Inverting the verb and the subject
3.1.1 Eg. "Pourriez-vous m'écrire une lettre de recommendation pour un employeur éventuel?" "Could you write me a letter of recommendation for a potential employer?"
3.1.2 Eg. "Quelle matières a-t-il étudiées à l'université? "What subjects did he study at university?" There is an addition of "-t-" to bridge the gap between two vowels to aid pronunciation.
3.1.3 Eg. "Pourquoi Pierre veut-il aller en Grande-Bretagne?" "Why does Pierre want to go to Britain?" If the subject of the verb is a noun, the appropriate pronoun is used with the verb.
3.2 Using "est-ce que?" to avoid the inversion
3.2.1 "Que vas-tu faire" = "Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire?" "What do you want to do?"
3.2.2 "Comment espère-t-il gagner sa vie?" = "Comment est-ce qu'il espère gagner sa vie?" "How do you hope to make a living?"
4 Translating 'what' in questions
4.1 Direct questions
4.1.1 Qu'est-ce qui Eg. "Qu'est-ce qui intéresse Pierre comme emploi?" "What interests Pierre in the job line?"
4.1.2 Qu'est-ce que Eg. "Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire après le bac?" "What are you going to do after A-levels?"
4.2 With a preposition
4.2.1 En quoi Eg. "En quoi puis-je vous aider?" "In what way can I help you?"
4.2.2 À quoi Eg. "À quoi servent les études supérieures?" "What is the use of higher education?"
4.2.3 De quoi Eg. "De quoi parlez-vous?" "What are you talking about?"
4.3 With a noun
4.3.1 "What" becomes and adjective Quel Quelle Quels Quelles
4.3.2 Eg. "Quel emploi as-tu choisi?" "What job have you chosen?"
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