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its a summery for most light of light chapter

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  1. Reflecting light
    1. Law of reflection
      1. Angle of incidence=Angle of reflection
        1. Incident ray , refracted ray and normal lie on the same plane
      2. Image in a plane mirror
        1. Result of reflection of light
          1. Plane mirror: image with flat surface
            1. It is Virtual Image
            2. Ray Diagram ( Image formed characteristics )
              1. Same size as object
                1. The distance behind the mirror , same as distance infronte of mirror
                  1. Laterally inverted
                    1. Virtual
                    2. Light refraction
                      1. Bending of rays
                        1. Speed changes
                          1. Direction changes
                            1. Law of refraction
                              1. Sine i directly proportional to sine r
                                1. Incident ray ,refracted and normal lie on the same plane
                                2. Parallel sided block
                                  1. Refractive index
                                    1. Describe how ray of light slow down when enter new medium
                                      1. No unit
                                        1. Represented by (n)
                                          1. n=c\v
                                            1. speed of light in vacuum =3*10^8
                                              1. Represented by (c)
                                              2. The denser the medium the higher the refractive index
                                                1. Snell`s law
                                                  1. Relates angle (i) and (r)
                                                    1. from air to another medium
                                                      1. n=sin i\sin r
                                                      2. from denser medium to air
                                                        1. n=sin r\sin i
                                                  2. Semi circular glass
                                                    1. critical angle
                                                      1. light travel from denser to rarer
                                                        1. i=c
                                                          1. r=90
                                                          2. Total internal reflection
                                                            1. Angle (i) greater than (c)
                                                              1. Light travel from denser to rarer
                                                                1. Total ,light 100% reflected
                                                                  1. Total, happen inside the glass
                                                                    1. Reflection,all light reflected
                                                                  2. Critical angle and refractive index
                                                                    1. The greater the refractive index the smaller the critical angle
                                                                      1. Relating formula
                                                                        1. n=sin90\sinc
                                                                      2. Optical fibers
                                                                        1. glass fibers
                                                                          1. based on total internal reflection
                                                                            1. Application
                                                                              1. Telecommunication
                                                                                1. In medicine (endoscope)
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