My dream house

maite almirall espinach
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descriure com imagines la csa dels teus somnis

Resource summary

My dream house
  1. Opening - type
    1. My dream house is a ....
    2. where
      1. -It is in ...(city/ countryside/ quiet/ busy street in...)
        1. Views (It has got wonderful views of.... /There is /are...
      2. general description
        1. shape (It is in the shape of...), adjectives (It is big/ small/ old/ new...), outside , inside (floors, rooms...)
        2. my favourite room
          1. grammar (there is/are.... have got)
            1. vocabulary (furniture, appliances, prepositions of place, others...)
            2. My favourite room is ...
            3. closing
              1. Well, this is my dream house
                1. For me, it is a very special place.
                  1. I can't wait for you to come and see it.
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