Operating Online

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Operating Online
1 Cloud
1.1 Not completely free. Providers begin by charging a small amount of space. When you reach your maximum amount of space you will be offered more space for an additional amount of money.
1.2 Allows lots of space by linking many servers together.
1.3 Some phone manufacturers are linked with cloud services for example onedrive.
2 Personal
2.1 Smartphones allow you to back up to the cloud. It makes a copy of contacts, music and images.
2.2 It can be useful for sharing photos, they can be viewed anywhere with an internet connection.
3 Professional
3.1 Allows employees to get files. It is useful for employee's who are travelling on business as they rely on digital devices.
3.2 In 2015 the government reported millions of commuters use free WiFi on public transport, people with cloud storage can conduct work while on the move.
3.3 1) Provides unlimited storage. 2) Reduces cost. 3) Lowers need for in house IT support. 4) Allows employees to be flexible with hours should they need to work at home.
4 Costs
4.1 Personal
4.1.1 Saves money and space on their digital devices. They pay a subscription which paus for a contract.
4.2 Proffesional
4.2.1 It saves businesses time as staff are giving a cloud log in which protects them.
4.2.2 Buying in mass is proven cheaper.
4.2.3 Employee's that use the cloud can then collaborate on documents.
5 Remote Working
5.1 Virtual private networks: Provide access remotley through an internet connection.
5.2 Remote Desktop Technologies: Allows authorised person to access your device remotley possibly to help fix it.
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