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Contains notes and definitions of radicals.

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  1. Simplifying Radicals
    1. When it's not a fraction, and when it has no more square factors.
    2. Adding and Subtracting Radicals
      1. To add radicals you have to have the same number in both of the radicals. You have to add and subtract "like" variables.
        1. Radicals must be the same before you add or subtract them. Not the outside number, the number in the radical sign.
          1. You add and subtract the diff. numbers in front of the radical sign. The numbers under the sign are alike.
          2. Multiplying Radicals
            1. Multiply the numbers outside the radical sign, and then multiply the numbers inside the radical sign.
            2. Radical
              1. Looks like a square root sign. But it can also be used to describe the cube root, fifth root, and much higher.
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