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Mind Map on Rivers, created by Natalie Wu on 03/28/2014.

Natalie Wu
Created by Natalie Wu over 5 years ago
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1 Erosion Process: Hydraulic Action, Abrasion, Attrition ,Solution/Corrosion
2 Transport:Traction Saltation, Suspension, Solution
3 Waterfalls: Plunge Pool, Gorges, Pot Holes, V-Shaped Valley, Rapids, Interlocking Spurs
4 Different Landforms: Meanders, River Tarraces, Knick Points, Oxbow Lake, Levees, Deltas, Rias
5 Tectonic up lift, Time, Geology, Gradient, Climate, Water Composition
6 River Lune, symonds Yat, Zambuzi (Victoria Falls), tees
7 Flooding: Vegetation,drainage density, geology, snowmelt, gradient,urbanization, deforestation,misused management, exceeding bankful capacity, lag time/peak discharge
7.1 Case Study: Pakistan & Tewkesbury
8 Multi-use of river: recreation, water supply, HEP( steep sides/gradient, impermeable rock, high velocity), transportation, irrigation/agriculture (flat lands=machinery, alluvial soil from flooding=fertile food, food, fishing,industry= cooling process
8.1 Case Study: Three Gorges & the Thames & Mekong
9 Flood Management: Sluic Gates, Flood relief measures, Channelization, Levees, Clearing=Snagging and Dredging
9.1 Case Study: Colorado River & The Three Gorges

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