Choosing IT systems

Lydia Terry
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Lydia Terry
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Choosing IT systems
  1. What is a IT System?
    1. A hardware consisting of data, hardware and software.
    2. Components of an IT system
      1. People
        1. Data
          1. Procedures
            1. Software and Hardware
              1. Information
              2. Moral and Ethical Issues
                1. Privacy
                  1. Environmental
                    1. Unequal Access to information technology
                      1. Online Behaviour
                        1. Globalisation
                          1. Freedom of speech
                          2. Factors of affecting the choice of digital technology
                            1. User Experince
                              1. User Needs
                                1. Specifications
                                  1. Compatibility
                                    1. Connectivity
                                      1. Cost
                                        1. Efficiency
                                          1. Security
                                            1. Productivity
                                              1. Implantation
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