Physical Chemistry

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A brief overview of all the main topics for physical chemistry and its sub topics. Follows the AQA specification for chemistry from 2015 onwards.

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Physical Chemistry
  1. Atomic structure
    1. Fundamental particles
      1. Mass number and isotopes
        1. Electron configuration
        2. Amount of substance
          1. RAM and RMM
            1. The mole and the Avogadro constant
              1. The ideal gas equation
                1. Empirical and molecular formula
                  1. Balanced equations and associated calculations
                  2. Bonding
                    1. Ionic bonding
                      1. Nature of covalent and dative covalent bonds
                        1. Metallic bonding
                          1. Bonding and physical properties
                            1. Shapes of simple molecules and ions
                              1. Bond polarity
                                1. Forces between molecules
                                2. Energetics
                                  1. Enthalpy change
                                    1. Calorimetry
                                      1. Application of Hess' law
                                        1. Bond enthalpies
                                        2. Kinetics
                                          1. Collision theory
                                            1. Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution
                                              1. Effect of temperature on reaction rate
                                                1. Effect of concentration and pressure
                                                  1. Catalysts
                                                  2. Chemical equilibria, Le Chatelier's principle and Kc
                                                    1. Chemical equilibria and Le Chatelier's principle
                                                      1. Equilibrium constant Kc for homogeneous systems
                                                      2. Oxidation, reduction and redox reactions
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