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  1. Maintaining hygiene
    1. Infection
      1. A manifestation of parasitic micro-organisms in the body
      2. Facemask
        1. A covering worn over the mouth and nose
        2. Bacteria
          1. Singled celled organisms responsible for many humans infections
          2. Contagious
            1. To relay an illness from one person to another
            2. Antibiotic
              1. Something that kills bacteria in the body
              2. Quarantine
                1. To isolate an individual to prevent transmission of microbes
                2. Transmit
                  1. Moving easily from one person to another
                3. Digestive System
                  1. Appendicitis
                    1. A condition where de appendix becomes inflamed
                    2. Colonoscopy
                      1. A medical procedure which examines the inside of the colon
                      2. Esophagus
                        1. A muscular tube connecting the mouth to the stomach
                        2. Stomach
                          1. A pouch-like organ between the esophagus and small intestine
                          2. Digestive system
                            1. A system of organs which processes food, nutrients and waste
                            2. Colon
                              1. Is the last portion of the digestive tract in most vertebrates; extracts water and salt from solid wastes before they are eliminated
                              2. Intestine
                                1. digestive organ extending from the stomach to the anus
                              3. Respiratory System
                                1. Asthma
                                  1. Is a chronic desease of the lungs, it involves inflammation of the bronchial tubes and other airways
                                  2. Inhale
                                    1. Sucking air arrives to lungs
                                    2. Emphysema
                                      1. Progresive respiratory desease, it is the result of bronchial tube damage. In this, the alveoli loser their shape and functionality when the person exhales
                                      2. Oxigen
                                        1. Is a natural ocurring gas essential to human survival
                                        2. Lungs
                                          1. Are the main organs of the respiratory system
                                          2. Bronchial tubes
                                            1. Are an estructure inside the lungs
                                            2. Exhale
                                              1. Output of air in the lungs
                                            3. Circulatory System
                                              1. Heart
                                                1. It is the main muscular organ of the circulatory system
                                                2. Aorta
                                                  1. main artery of vertebrates born in the left ventricle of the heart and gives rise to all other arteries carrying oxygenated blood to all parts of the body.
                                                  2. Pulmonary
                                                    1. Having to do with the lungs
                                                    2. Valve
                                                      1. A flap in bodily system that allows passage of material in one direction but prevents passage in the other direction
                                                      2. Vein
                                                        1. A blood vessel that carries blood towards the heart
                                                        2. Artery
                                                          1. A blood vessel that carries blood away form the heart
                                                          2. Capilary
                                                            1. The smallest kind of blood vessel in the body
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