The Future of Money

Juan Jauregui
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Juan Jauregui
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Mapa Mental del futuro del dinero

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The Future of Money
  1. History
    1. Money, one of the earliest and most significant inventions of civilization, is essential to the development of trade. Without it there is only barter, a relationship between two people each of whom has something which the other wants.
    2. Biometric Wallet
      1. Palm vein scanners could eventually replace your wallet with your hand
        1. Using the included fingerprint scanning software, it can be taught to recognize up to 10 fingerprints (for trusted family members), requiring a simple swipe across the scanner to unlock the case
      2. Bit Coins
        1. As a new user, you can get started with Bitcoin without understanding the technical details.
        2. The Microsecond Market
          1. Sophisticated technology now drives global financial trading to extremes of time and space
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