Comparison Between King Lear and The New Idol

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Comparison Between King Lear and The New Idol
1 King Lear - Main Points
1.1 Nature Imagrey
1.1.1 Lear sees in the naked lunatic someone who has taken nothing wrongfully from anyone, and is the essential human being. "unaccommodated man is no more but such a poor, bare, forked animal as thou art" 3.4.110 "he who possesseth little is so much the less possessed: blessed be moderate poverty!"
1.1.2 " 'Allow not nature more than nature needs, Man's life is cheap as beast's" Zara argues you don't need what the state offers, the earth is all you need. Nature is all you need "Open still remaineth the earth for great souls. Empty are still many sites for lone ones and twain ones, around which floateth the odour of tranquil seas."
1.2 King Lears Character
1.2.1 King Lear believes he should be respected unconditionally "On earth there is nothing greater than I: it is I who am the regulating finger of God"
1.2.2 His ego is so big even though he splits the country he still demands obedience The Arden - 1.1.146 he wears the crown even though he relinquished power In a sense he thinks himself a god
1.3 The Politics behind Lear
1.3.1 A monarchy of followers
2 The New Idol - Main points
2.1 State is the New Idol
2.1.1 "Somewhere there are still people.... here there are states" Less belief in the gods but now serve the state People believed the monarchy to be "chosen" State is "called the coldest of all cold monsters" It lies "I, The state, am the people" The state does not serve its people it serves its interrests It will have you believe in sacrificing life for its interests There is a war fought between a single family sacrificing the lives of thousands generous to people who bow down and worship it King Lear splits his kingdom to the two daughters that play his game
2.1.2 Its followers are "conquerors of the old God"
2.2 Serve life not State
2.2.1 Leave the state and its lies "where the state ceaseth—there only commenceth the man who is not superfluous" Lear leaves the state and learns quickly the outside worlds troubles Follow the path to the Superman
2.2.2 Lear learns in the first storm compassion and sees clearly the problems with the monarchy The people living among nature are the people that are alive to live
2.3 Creators created the people, not the state beliefs
2.3.1 It is not the state who educates or adopts culture Lear is the state in which Zara decribes
2.3.2 Those people hate the state for the influence on their lives
2.3.3 State does not allow Creators No one is allowed to be a creator, no one is allowed to be original, to think for themselves, to think differently, to be different. Turns you into the Last Man Cordelia is an independent thinking and is casted out
3 Superfluous
3.1 When something is unnecessary or not needed that it could easily be done away with
3.1.1 Zarathustra uses it regarding the masses
3.1.2 In my opinion King Lear uses it regarding having more then what one needs Lear is trying to justify having servants - Lear - 2.2.458
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