Romeo and Juliet; Capulet's power and control

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Gcse English Mind Map on Romeo and Juliet; Capulet's power and control, created by Amber Youens on 03/30/2014.

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Romeo and Juliet; Capulet's power and control
1 capulet in society; act 1 scene 5
1.1 host of his party means he has immedieate power
1.1.1 uses possessive pronouns eg. me, my, i .
1.1.2 exception to his own rules
1.2 patriacale society
1.2.1 greets men first
1.2.2 makes a joke about women gets everyone to appear happy and makes him look better blackmail uses rhetorical questions to turn threats into jokes
1.2.3 degrades women


  • "foot it GIRLS" is more degrading than "welcome GENTLEMEN"
1.3 ominipotent
1.3.1 commanding damands dancing orders sevants orders friends
1.3.2 god-like


  • capulet: "come musicians play" music plays "foot it girls" they dance
  • god: "let there be light" light shone
2 Capulet and Paris act 1 scene 2; act 3 scene 4
2.1 act 3 scene 4
2.1.1 paris proud excited shocked/ unexpected
2.1.2 Capulet tables turned being respectful ridicules paris holds floor dismisive Capulets descision
2.2 act 1 scene 2
2.2.1 paris uses formal register respectful valid argument
2.2.2 Capulet ownership of juliet ignores paris his points are 'fact' appears to have Juliets best wishes in interest
3 Capulet and Tybalt; act 1 scene 5
3.1 Tybalt
3.1.1 no honour or respect for anyone
3.1.2 filled with spite
3.1.3 can't see the same ideas as his uncle
3.1.4 assumes romeo will cause trouble
3.1.5 makes excuses for himself
3.1.6 plans to get rid of romeo because of family honour
3.2 Capulet
3.2.1 anger levels change in this scene comforting and curious at the start raging and just hanging on to his composure
3.2.2 switches between his guests and his argument
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