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Covers ccea gcse spec for light waves - reflection, refraction, dispersion and total internal reflection

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  1. Reflection
    1. the image in a plane mirror is...
      1. virtual
        1. the same size as the object
          1. laterally inverted
            1. the same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front of the mirror
          2. Refraction
            1. happens when a beam of light passes from one material into another, due to a change in its speed
              1. a ray parallel to the normal does not refract
                1. light bends towards the normal when it slows down and away from the normal when it speeds up (TAGAGA/TAWAWA/TAPAPA)
                2. Dispersion
                  1. Different colours (or frequencies) of light travel at different speeds in glass
                    1. when light is passes through a prism (a triangular glass block), a spectrum is produced
                      1. violet light is slowest, red light is fastest
                    2. Total Internal Reflection
                      1. In any glass block, some light is internally reflected
                        1. when the emerging ray on the other side comes out along the surface, most of the light is internally reflected
                          1. the angle where the emerging ray lies along the surface is called the critical angle
                            1. after this all light is internally reflected
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