The sign of four themes


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The sign of four themes
  1. Victorian fear
    1. fear of others
      1. Tonga represents this
        1. "this savage distorted creature"
          1. tonga is represented as less than human. he is 'savage' and 'distorred supporting the Victorian belief that other races were somehow dangerous
      2. fear of the underclass
        1. "I have a natural shrinking from all forms of rough materlism I seldom come in contact with the rough crowd"
          1. 'natural shrinking' suggests Thaddeus Sholto keeps himself separate from other social classes and surrounds himself with elegance
            1. 'Rough crowd' suggests Thaddeus is scared of people who are different from him. He embodies the fear of mixing with uncivilised people and surrounds himself with art
        2. fear of discovery
          1. major sholto lives in fear of discovery
            1. "He was very fearful of going out alone, and he always employed two prize fighters to act as porters at Pondicherry Lodge"
              1. the adverb "very" emphasises how scared his is.
                1. Major Sholto lives under self imposed house arrest
                  1. Makes the reader want to know why he is so scared, what he has done to feel so feared and who is after him. As we would expect this of someone who is in the army
                    1. The reader would then find out he is in fear of the discovery of his greed making us want to know how in the first place he got this treasure
        3. Empire and Imperialism
          1. luxury and wealth associated with the idea of empire
            1. "two great tiger skins thrown athwart it increased the suggestion of eastern luxury"
              1. Sholtos apartment is lavishly decorated with items from the east
            2. the character tonga is represented as less than human
              1. "this savages instincts of his companion had broke out"
                1. this shows people from imperialised countries are seen as savage this is idea that his instincts would be murderous creates a crude Image of the islander
                  1. Backs up Victorians ideas of empire in which colonised people were seen as savage
              2. Small suggests that tonga was devoted to him as if he were God
                1. "He was staunch and true was little tonga. No man ever had more faithful mate"
                  1. the devotion shown by Tonga seems niave and reflects the attitudes of Victorian Society
                    1. the adjecting "small" is patronising and lacks empathy or respect for the islander
              3. Evil and Justice
                1. Miss morstan and her missing Father
                  1. miss morstand shows holmes a letter received that says she deserves justice.
                    1. "You are a wronged women and shall have justice"
                      1. Mystery is established and the reader is intrigued to find out what justice she is owed
                  2. The character of Tonga is presented as the embodiment of evil in the novel
                    1. "never have I seen features so deeply marked with bestiality and cruelty"
                      1. when Watson sees the islander on the boat, he is struckwith the savage appearance of the man (goes with imperialism)
                    2. Major Sholto on his death confessed to his greed
                      1. "the cursed greed which has been my besetting sin through life has withheld from her the treasure"
                        1. Sholto hides the death of miss morstans father out of fear and hides her entitlement to the treasure out of green, this greed can been seen as evil
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