Forces and Energy

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Created by Disneynut98 over 5 years ago
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Forces and Energy
1 A resultant force shows the combined effect of several forces. It makes an object accelerate (change speed or directiion)
2 The stopping distance of a vehicle is thinking distance plus braking distance.
2.1 SD = TD + BD
3 Moving objects reach a terminal velocity (top speed) when drag forces matches driving forces.
4 Momentum is mass x velocity. It is conserved when objects collide of explode apart if no external forces act.
4.1 Momentum = Mass (kg) X Velocity (m/s)
5 A force transfers energy when it does some work on an object.
6 Objects gain gravitational potential energy if they are lifted up. Moving objects have kinetic energy. Stretched of squashed elastic objects store elastic energy.
7 The speed of an object can be found using a distance time graph. The acceleration and distance traveled can be found using a velocity time graph.

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