Ellen Billingham
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GCSE Physics Mind Map on Reflection, created by Ellen Billingham on 05/04/2013.

Ellen Billingham
Created by Ellen Billingham over 6 years ago
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1 Diagrams
1.1 Rays are drawn with arrows showing their direction
1.2 Normal is drawn at 90 degrees from mirror
1.3 Mirrors
1.3.1 Surface that the light bounces off Straight line
1.3.2 Back Diagonal lines along it to show the light doesn't reflect from it
1.4 Label the rays
1.5 Label the normal
2 Rays
2.1 ALWAYS travel in straight lines
2.2 Incident ray
2.2.1 The ray before it strikes a mirror
2.3 Reflected ray
2.3.1 The ray after it hits the mirror
2.4 Normal
2.4.1 A line at right angles to the mirror where the ray hits it
2.5 Drawn with arrows showing their direction
3 Angles
3.1 Angle of incidence
3.1.1 Angle between incident ray and the normal
3.1.2 Measured from the normal
3.2 Angle of reflection
3.2.1 Angle between reflected ray and the normal
3.2.2 Measured from the normal
3.3 Angle of incidence and angle of reflection are EQUAL
4 Examples of reflection
4.1 Reflection questions


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