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A level Computing (Hardware and Software) Mind Map on Programing Languages - MSHW, created by Max Williams on 11/17/2016.

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Programing Languages - MSHW
  1. Known Programing Languages
    1. C
      1. Python
      2. Java
        1. C++
          1. C#
            1. SWIFT
              1. Ruby
                1. Java Script
                2. Early Computers
                  1. Developed in the early 40s to break the Enigma Code
                    1. Developed by Turing and his team
                      1. Needed to defeat Germans
                      2. Small amount of memory made from vacuum tubes
                        1. Had a special location called accumulator where calculations were done
                          1. All coding done in machine code
                            1. A typical instruction contained an operation code
                              1. This was the first generation
                            2. Second Generation
                              1. Assembly Language
                              2. Types
                                1. 1st Gen
                                  1. Machine Code
                                    1. Low Level
                                      1. Smaller amount of memory used
                                        1. Total control of Prosessor
                                          1. Fast - No translation needed
                                            1. Disavantages
                                              1. Harder to write
                                                1. More bargain for error
                                                  1. Advantages
                                              2. 2nd Gen
                                                1. Assembly Language
                                                2. 3rd Gen
                                                  1. Imperetive
                                                    1. High Level
                                                  2. 4th Gen
                                                    1. Data Query
                                                  3. Third Gen
                                                    1. High Level Languages
                                                      1. Imperetive
                                                        1. Object Orintated
                                                          1. Class- A template for an object
                                                            1. Good for GUI
                                                              1. Object - Bundle of Variables and methods
                                                                1. Method - Propaties of a Class
                                                                2. Presidual
                                                                  1. Uses Algorithms to describe real world events
                                                                3. Declative
                                                                  1. Logic
                                                                    1. Database Theory
                                                                      1. Functional
                                                                        1. Treats procedures as mathematical functional
                                                                          1. The building blocks are functions instead of commands
                                                                          2. Used lots in AI (Prolog)
                                                                          3. Describes the result without commands or steps
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