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1 Reflection
1.1 A process in which light is reflected back at you to form an image.
2 Refraction
2.1 A process where light is bent to give it a different appearance or perspective.
3 Colours are formed because certain objects reflect every type of light apart from the colour it is. So if an object is red then it reflects all light except red light.
3.1 Anything that is white reflects all light.
3.2 Anything that's black absorbs all light.
4 Solar System
4.1 Mercury
4.2 Venus
4.3 Earth
4.3.1 1 moon
4.4 Mars
4.4.1 2 moons
4.5 Jupiter
4.5.1 63 moons
4.6 Uranus
4.6.1 27 moons
4.7 Neptune
4.7.1 13 moons
4.8 Saturn
4.8.1 62 moons
4.9 There is only one type of luminous object in space, stars. Anything in space that is not a star will not be luminous.
5 Eclipses
5.1 Solar Eclipse
5.1.1 A solar eclipse is where the moon moves in front of the Sun to stop it's rays reaching Earth. The Sun will not be visible during a total eclipse but will be slightly visible during a partial eclipse.
5.2 Lunar Eclipse
5.2.1 A lunar eclipse is where the Earth moves in front of the Sun so no light can reach the moon. This means you cannot see the moon during a total lunar eclipse. You will be able to see a bit o the moon during a partial lunar eclipse.
5.3 Umbra
5.3.1 Where a total eclipse is able to be seen.
5.4 Penumbra
5.4.1 Where a partial eclipse is able to be seen.
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