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1 Reparations and Passive resistance
1.1 •Called off passive resistance and workers went back to work •France used these productions to pay the reparation • Allies prepared to negotiate reparations payment since he solved problems in the Ruhr
2 New currency
2.1 • Replaced the now worthless German marks with RENTENMARK •This stopped the hyperinflation because people had more confidence in the currency
3 Dawes plan
3.1 • This agreement was signed by the Allies •America would loan Germany 800 million gold marks to pay reparations over a longer amount of time • Germany's economy recovered
3.1.1 Stresemann quoted the Dawes plan like "Dancing on the edge of a volcano" because if America wanted the money back then Germany would fall
4 Young Plan 1929
4.1 • Reduced reparations payments again • The willingness to co-operate increased relations with the Allies • Germany was allowed to join League of Nations in 1926
5 Economy
5.1 • Foreign banks were willing to give Germany money. • 3 million homes, roads and railways were built and rebuilt • German production had increased because of this • Extremists were not elected because German people were happy.
6 Politics
6.1 • Hitler staged a putsch in November 1923 which he thought would of won him support • Streseman crushed this rebellion with the support of the army and police. • Hitler was sentenced to jail for 5 years with many other Nazis • Hitler was not allowed to speak publicly until 1928 • Streseman managed to win support of the German people over the extremist parties as the German people were happy with Streseman's policies.
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