Ishikawa's Seven Basic Tools of Quality Control

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Ishikawa's Seven Basic Tools of Quality Control
  1. Cause and Effect Diagrams
    1. Identify underlying symptoms
      1. Find the root cause
      2. Causes identified
        1. Brainstorm
          1. Working Backwards
      3. Control or Shewhart Charts
        1. Manufacturing or business process
          1. Statistical control or not?
            1. Stable
              1. Data used to predict future performance
              2. Not in control
                1. Data helps to find sources of variation
            2. Allows significant change to be differentiated from natural process
              1. Objective and discipline approach
              2. Check Sheet
                1. Collects data in real time
                  1. Quick, easy and efficient recording
                    1. Clasificación, Location, Frecuency, Measurement Scale, Check List
                    2. Histogram
                      1. Visual Impression of data distribution
                        1. Used to plot density of data
                        2. Pareto Chart
                          1. Highlights most importan set of factors
                            1. Represents most common source of defects
                            2. Scatter plot or graph
                              1. Displays values for two variables
                                1. Used when a variables is under control of the experimenter
                                  1. Suggests various kinds of correlations
                                    1. Positive, negative or uncorrelated
                                    2. Shows non linear relationships
                                    3. Stratified Sampling
                                      1. Sampling from population
                                        1. Dividing members into homogenous subgroups
                                          1. Strata
                                            1. Mutually exclusive
                                              1. Collectively exhaustive
                                                1. Random or systematically sampling
                                                  1. Improves representativeness
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