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Created by sam.hilton over 6 years ago
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1 Pathogenic types
1.1 Enteropathogenic
1.1.1 Destroys microvilli Loss of tight junctions
1.1.2 Attaching and effacing lesions Intimin/Tir interaction TypeIII SS EspA, B and D Effect on host signalling EHEC Espfu>N-WASP>Arp2/3 EPEC Nck>N-WASP>Arp2/3
1.2 Enterohaemorrhagic
1.2.1 Verocytotoxin producing
1.2.2 Shigatoxin producing Stxb Gb3 mediated entry Stxa Cleaves 28S rRNA
1.3 Enterotoxigenic
1.3.1 Toxins LT ADP ribosylation Gsalpha CFTR phosphorylated ST STa Guanylate cyclase C STb Sulphatide
1.3.2 Adherence CFs and TibA/Tia
1.4 Enteroinvasive
1.4.1 Endocytic route Intracellular survival
1.5 Enteroaggregative
1.5.1 Biofilm AAF1
1.5.2 Toxins EAST
1.6 Diffusely adherent
1.6.1 Finger projections Dr/DAF

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