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Iedo Brito
Created by Iedo Brito over 5 years ago
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1 First
1.1 Sentences:
1.1.1 If (or unless) + Present Simple , will/won't + infinitive
1.1.2 If you don't do more work, you'll fail the exam
1.1.3 He'll be late for work if he doesn't hurry up.
1.2 Tips
1.2.1 Present: after IF
1.2.2 Unless = if...not
1.3 Atenction
1.3.1 Present Simple (not the future) when as son as until before after
1.3.2 ex: I'll call you as son as I arrive
2 Second
2.1 Sentences
2.1.1 If + past simple , would/wouldn't + infinitive
2.1.2 If I had more money , I'd buy a big house
2.1.3 If she spoke english, she could get a job in a hotel
2.2 Tips
2.2.1 ADVICE: If I were you, I'd...
2.2.2 IMAGINARY SITUATION: I'd never buy a car as big as yours without "IF"
3 Differences
3.1 If I have time , I'll help you
3.1.1 a possible situation. I may have time
3.2 If I had time , I'd help you
3.2.1 an imaginary situation. I don't/won't have time

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